About us

The Kunstschmiede Magister was founded in June 1991. The earliest customers were mainly located in the vicinity of Grossenhain and Dresden.
By means of simple "leaflets" were then advertised. The first machine was a simple rolling mill for the production of various handrails and profile tubes. The number of employees was 1991 2 people. In 1995 came the first small special catalog, still in black and white.
1998 which has the first own main catalog with 175 pages in color. This was then also distributed nationwide and the first sales force began its work.
The 10th anniversary in 2001 35 people were already hired in our company. Now employs 45 people (as of 2010) in the ironwork Magister. For headquarters in Grossenhain were still 3 distribution centers, one in Dresden and one in Rathenow and in Schmölln.
Since mid-July 2007, from the wrought iron master the art of forging Klaus-Dieter Magister GmbH & Co.KG
With around 3000 articles from the fields of wrought iron, stainless steel, brass, drive technology, CAD software we try to be a comprehensive and high-quality partner to our customers.
Customers can choose to order and consulting different versions are available: • Order fax free service on a 0800 number
• Comprehensive Directory on the Internet with a wide range
• telephone order and consulting
Cornelia Winkler-Magister, authorized officer, principal shareholder - cwm@kd-magister.de Fields: quoting, order processing, accounting, dunning
Klaus-Dieter Magister, Senior Managing Director - magister@kd-magister.de Fields: quoting, order processing, accounting, steel structures, railings, gates and fences, balcony plants, steel
Michael Winkler, master of metal builder - winkler@kd-magister.de Fields:. Quotation for gates and fencing systems, gate automation, wrought iron, stainless steel, brass, pipe bending, 2D and 3D CAD, DTP Marketing incl print and web catalogs
• DB administration building in Erfurt
• Beisheim Center Potsdamer Platz Berlin
• Embassy Residence in the UAE
• SPA Hartha
• Administration building Sparkasse Bad Duben
• Autohaus Mercedes Benz Bruno Wiedmann Meissen
• outbuildings Sparkasse Meißen
• "Zum Ross" Diesbar-Seußlitz
..and many private facilities throughout Germany, Holland and other countries.